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What to do with your old, historic windows?

The answer is simple, keep them. If your house was built before World War II, think of it more as an antique than an old house. Its future value and present charm can be measured to a large degree by the way in which it has been cared for and kept original. Windows are essential fabric in maintaining the history of domestic architecture, keep them and you will be glad as will future owners of your house and your neighbors.

Restoration when?

There is significant decay of the wood elements. When the glass is loose or more than one third of the putty is missing or loose. All other hardware, weather stripping or pulley and rope problems are presumed present to a degree, and corrected as part of the sequence of sash restoration.
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Refurbishment when?

There is no significant material decay. When operation is compromised by negligent painting. When hardware, ropes, pulleys and weather strip are missing or damaged. Only loose paint and putty are corrected when putty and paint are stable, and 90% still well bonded to the window. Removing calcified putty and paint from the glass risks glass breakage and scratching and this is not in this scope.
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Reproduction when?

Half of the sash parts are broken or missing. Existing sash are not originals and are not proper reproductions. A new opening has been added to a façade where traditional windows are present. When insulating glass is required and sash are only 1 3/8" thick.
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What not to do.

What should never be done with your old, historic windows.
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W I N D O W  T Y P E S

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