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Door Fabrication and Installation

Stability, Solidity, Mass, & Beauty

Simply put, we handle questions of detail and process as regards door fabrication and installation in traditional ways. Our doors are hung on solid brass hinges, generally to the historic jamb. Fitting a reproduction door to a 100 year old jamb is a real test of a carpenter’s skill – we pride ourselves in this work. Our doors are fit to interlocking polished bronze thresholds and are sealed with bronze weather stripping. We prefer mortise locks with integral latches and locks.

We can fabricate, pre-finish and install doors of any period design. Our doors are usually 2 1/4" with full mortise and tenon joinery. Every single detail can be specified. The angle and reach of raised panels and beveled glass, the profile and proportion of the moldings, sticking and astragal, the proportions of the rails and stile and the relationships of the door, jamb and casing.

Stability, solidity, mass and beauty, noble goals that a fine door should express. Having built over a thousand doors, nearly every one have unique characteristics, we've developed a very effective construction technique to accomplish these goals. While I won't make public that process here rest assured your door from The Craftsmen Group will be exceptional in a way that meets the hand and eye and in ways that don't.

The doors structure is built, taken on site, and fit. Once in place, glass panels are set and hardware is fit. The doors are then finished on a rotisserie. We use oil glazes and stains and Sutherland Wels tung oil finishes. We do not know how to do this work any better. There is a sound to the latch of a well fit door that is not easily achieved, but enjoyed by all those who use it.



D O O R  T Y P E S

To learn more about the types of doors we work with and the processes involved, browse through the links below:









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