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Pictured above is the Randolph Janney cabinet which we completed in autumn of  2009 and can be viewed in our main office. Pictured below is the water color rendering. Probably our most interesting and challenging project to date and perhaps most beautiful. It was inspired by a traveling show of Renaissance architectural models at the National Gallery. Our cabinet would have been an entry in a design competition over 500 years ago.

The proportions we worked from were those of the knave end of Brunelleschi's duomo in Florence. That building was without a facade for 160 years after it's basic completion. If you've seen this brilliant structure you might agree it is let down by the facade design and we think this design superior. There is a lot of reverence here for historic architecture.





C A B I N E T  T Y P E S

To learn more about our cabinetry projects and the processes involved, browse through the links below:











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